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Unibody construction.

Foam injected edge.

Toray T700 raw carbon fiber.


The makings of a Superflux paddle

From the superstars at your local court to the super DUPRs on the pro circuit, players of all levels can take their game as seriously as they want with the Superflux series.

Our thermoforming process features a 360 degree unibody construction for increased strength and performance, a foam-injected perimeter to assist with your rare mishits, and a premium Toray T700 raw carbon fiber surface that's small on the weave yet big on friction for maximum spin.

360 Degree Sealed Edge

A carbon fiber band is wrapped around the entire paddle's edge under several hours of heat and pressure to fuse the top and bottom faces together. The result is an extended sweet spot, increased durability, and a crisp and responsive feel.

Toray T700 Raw Carbon Fiber Surface

The paddle surface is comprised of multiple layers of premium raw carbon fiber. A tighter weave feels less gritty to the human touch, but your ball will argue otherwise.

Unibody Construction

The carbon fiber face and polypropylene core extend the entire length of the paddle to form a single molded unit, enhancing strength and rigidity of the paddle.

Foam-injected Perimeter

Foam is injected to the outer edge of the entire paddle to expand the sweet spot and increase stability.

Superflux gives aggressive next-generation tournament players the control, flex and forgiveness they need to dominate any opponent.


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Shape: Aerodynamic Standard

Dimensions: 16” x 7.7”-7.9” / 406mm x 195-200mm

Handle Length: 5.3” / 135mm

Swing Weight: 108 kg·cm²

Static Weight: 8.1oz ±0.2oz / 230g ±5g

Designed for: The player who enjoys lighting-quick hand speed coupled with a large, forgiving, sweet spot to improve shot consistency and reduce unforced errors.

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Angled view of a Maestro pickleball paddle


Shape: Elongated

Dimensions: 16.5" x 7.5" / 419mm x 190mm

Handle Length: 5.7" / 145mm

Swing weight: 120 kg·cm²

Static weight: 8.1oz ±0.2oz / 230g ±5g

Designed for: The player who enjoys greater leverage and plow-through with their paddle for penetrating serves, ground strokes, put-aways, and two-handed backhands.

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Angled view of a Maestro pickleball paddle
Angled view of a Bora pickleball paddle


Shape: Aerodynamic Elongated

Dimensions: 16.5" x 7.3-7.5" / 419mm x 185-190mm

Handle Length: 5.5" / 140mm

Swing weight: 114 kg·cm²

Static weight: 8.1oz ±0.2oz / 230g ±5g

Designed for: The player who enjoys the finesse dinks in life. The low swing weight gives you the edge in those cat-and-mouse situations at the kitchen where hand speed and maneuverability matter the most.

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Angled view of a Bora pickleball paddle

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